• Update Playstation 4

How to Update Playstation 4

You can update your PlayStation 4 device easily in many different ways. Download the update file from the official site of your PS4 and store it in the USB drive. This method is known as updating PS4 through USB. The detailed information about how to update PS4 is provided below. Read and proceed with the same to perform the update process.

How to Update Playstation 4 With Usb

  • From your desktop or laptop’s web browser, navigate to the official site of PS4 System Software Update.
  • Locate the PS4 System Software Update file and click the Download button.
  • Save the downloaded PS4 System Software Update file to an external storage device (USB).
  • After download, begin the update process as instructed below:
  • Switch on your PlayStation 4.
  • Insert the USB device into your PlayStation.
  • Follow the instructions as displayed on the screen to complete the PS4 software update process.
  • If you face any issue while updating your PlayStation 4 device, contact our technical support to fix it.
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How to Update Playstation 4 Firmware

You can perform the firmware update of your PS4 using the Safe Mode. To know how, perform the simple, quick steps given below:

  • First, create a folder on your Mac or Windows system to save the PlayStation 4 device’s update file.
  • Now, download the PlayStation 4 System Software Update file from the PS4’s official site.
  • Make sure to save the downloaded file in the created folder on your system.
  • On your PS4 device, connect your DS4 controller and the USB drive.
  • You can use a USB cable to connect the DS4 controller to your PS4 device.
  • Now, hold down the Power button on your PS’s controller and release it once you hear the second beep.
  • Choose the Safe Mode option, followed by Update System Software.
  • Select Update from Storage Device.
  • Your USB drive will be displayed in the connected devices’ list.
  • Select your USB drive and press the OK button on your PS4 device’s controller.
  • Wait for the update process to complete.
  • Once the update is done, you can continue using your PS4 device as per your desire and need.
How to Update Playstation 4 Firmware

How to Update Playstation 4 Without Usb

To know how to update your PS4, read the simple, quick guided instructions given below:

You can perform the update from the system software on PlayStation 4.

  • Switch on your PlayStation 4 device.
  • Navigate to the Settings section. Select the System Software option from the list.
  • To confirm the selection, press the X button on your PlayStation4 device’s controller.
  • Choose the Update Now option. If any application is open, close it during the update process.
  • If any update is available for your PlayStation 4 device, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose the Next option. To continue with the update process, press the X button on your PlayStation 4 device controller.
  • Now, the available update file download process begins; Waits for it to complete.
  • Once the updated software is downloaded successfully, open it, and perform the installation process.
  • Press the X button whenever required during the installation.
  • Once the update is completed, the PS4 device will restart.
  • Wait for the PlayStation 4 device to reboot.
  • After that, on your PS4 device controller, press the PlayStation button.
  • Enter your PlayStation 4 account credentials in the given field to sign in and perform the on-screen instructions.
  • When prompted, add an account on PlayStation Network using the existing account.
  • If you don’t have an account, select the create a new account option, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Update Playstation 4 Without Internet

  • If you don’t have a proper or stable internet connection to update the PS4 device’s software file, then you can use the USB drive to perform the same.
  • On your system, download the PS4 System Software Update file.
  • Save the downloaded file in a USB drive.
  • After that, insert this USB drive into your PS4 device.
  • The detailed steps of this method are discussed above.
  • Read it and proceed with the same.
  • To get remote assistance on the same, click the Call button available on this screen.
How to Update Playstation 4 Without Internet
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