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How to Use August Smart Lock App?

Install August Door Lock and get ready to control its opening and closing from anywhere. Your home is much safer with the activity tracking log and alert alarms. We have compiled instructions on How to Use August Smart Lock App so that using the lock is even more easier.

  1. Click the Keychain option to view the four tabs.
  2. Lock and unlock the door with the first tab.
  3. Select the second tab to view the thirty-day activity history.
  4. The third tab displays the guest list.
  5. Tweak settings such as House Name, lock settings, August Connect in the final tab.
  6. You can also enable the Auto-lock feature in the app.
How to Use August Smart Lock App

How to Connect August Smart Lock to Apple TV?

  1. Establish a wireless connection between your Apple TV and the home Wi-Fi network. Log in to iCloud with the Home app credentials.
  2. On your Apple TV, navigate to Settings > AirPlay > Room.
  3. Pick a room in the Home app or select Add New Room.
  4. Your Apple TV will appear in the Home app. To check, open the Home app and tap the Home or Rooms tab.

How to Connect August Smart Lock to Apple Home?

  1. Navigate to your Drop Down widget menu on the iOS phone.
  2. Click Edit. Press the + icon to add your widget dashboard.
  3. The August Smart Lock is added to widget dashboard. Touch the Done button.
  4. The app will open and begin to operate with the Unlock Door or Lock Door commands.

How to Use Apple TV with August Smart Lock?

Here, Following guidelines are provide solution for How to Use August Smart Lock App on Apple TV.

  1. Set up your iPhone and Apple TV with the “same iCloud account”.
  2. Connect the August Smart Lock app to the HomeKit app on iPhone.
  3. The Apple TV acts only as a repeater for the remote access.
  4. The “iPhone” receives signal from the iCloud, and the Apple TV communicates with the iCloud account.
  5. Check if you can lock and unlock the door using the iPhone app.
  6. Disable the “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth” connection on the phone.
  7. Verify that the current network connection to your mobile phone is through your carrier network only.
  8. “Visit” the Safari web browser and see if the network signal strength is good.
  9. “Launch” the August Smart Lock app. “Lock and unlock” the door lock with the app.
  10. Give the lock about 10-20 seconds to respond to the app since the communication via TV takes time.
  11. Try moving the Apple TV close(40-50 feet) to the smart lock.
  12. Finally, get the Solution for How to Use August Smart Lock App on Apple TV.
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