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How to Use Laptop | Guidance for Beginners - Installation Help

How to Use Laptop as Monitor?

  1. Right-click on the desktop and “select Properties”.
  2. “Choose” “Settings and drag” the second screen to your laptop screen’s position.
  3. Enable the second monitor by clicking “Yes”.
  4. Check the option Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.
  1. “Choose” the primary monitor and press Apply.
  2. Move the taskbar to the other monitor and begin using both the monitors.
  3. Above steps provide the solution for How to Use Laptop as Monitor.

How to Build a Laptop?

  1. Pick a mobile processor that best suits your needs.
  2. Find a barebones notebook with the preferred screen size and keyboard layout.
  3. Purchase 8 or 16 GB SO-DIMM memory and a hard drive.
  4. Buy a good and long life battery.
  5. Keep screwdrivers and screws handy to assemble the parts.
  6. Make sure you wear an antistatic wristband.
  7. Access the motherboard in the shell.
  8. Secure the hard drive into the bracket on the shell.
  9. Insert the SO-DIMM memory chips into the memory slots of the motherboard.
  10. Place the CPU in its slot and lock it into its position.
  11. Close the panels to cover up the internal parts.
  12. Load the battery and begin by installing an Operating System on the laptop.
  13. Install the necessary drivers and the laptop is ready to use now.
How to Use Laptop as Monitor

How to Flip Screen on Laptop?

  1. Right-click on your Windows desktop and choose Screen Resolution from the drop-down menu.
  2. Choose the monitor to be flipped and select Portrait or Landscape in the Orientation field.

How to Rotate Laptop Screen?

Press the Up arrow button while holding down the “Ctrl + Alt” keys.

Follow the procedure below to disable the rotation feature.

  1. Click the Intel Graphics icon in the system.
  2. Head to Graphic Properties > Display Settings.
  3. Untick the box next to the Enable Rotation option.
  4. Hit Apply > OK to save the settings.

How to Chromecast from Laptop?

  1. Go to Chrome on your laptop and install the Google Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Have your Chromecast turned on and click the Chromecast icon next to the address bar.
  3. Choose your Chromecast from the list and view the tab on your TV.
  4. Tapping this Cast Extension tab can enable and disable the casting.
  5. Drag any video files on your laptop to a Chrome tab and watch it on your TV with this feature.

How to Use Instagram on Laptop

  1. Download Instagram for Windows from the Windows App store.
  2. Click open the program after installing it.
  3. Tap the Direct Message icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select the person to whom you want to send the message.
  5. Type your message in the text box and hit the message icon again.

How to Play DVD on Laptop?

  1. The following steps provide the solution for How to Use laptop for Playing DVD.
  2. Download and install any media player on your laptop.
  3. Click open the media player icon.
  4. Press the disc drive button on the side of the laptop.
  5. Place the DVD on the drive and push it back in.
  6. Or click the Media menu > Open Disc > Play.
  7. Use the whole range of controls to watch the media.

How to Copy & Paste on laptop?

  1. Mount the cursor at the beginning of the text to be copied.
  2. Hold down the left button on the laptop’s touchpad.
  3. Slide your finger over the text to be copied while still holding the left button.
  4. Release the control button when the highlighting is done.
  5. Now, tap the right control button and select Copy from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click open a blank word document on your laptop and place the cursor in it.
  7. Tap the right control button and choose the Paste option from the list.
how to copy & paste on laptop

How to Speed Up Laptop?

  1. Close the programs that are running in the system tray.
  2. Right-click the taskbar and choose Task Manager >Startup.
  3. Check the programs that need not start automatically and hit Disable.
  4. Hit Start > Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Updates.
  5. Check for any updates and install the latest ones.
  6. Delete unnecessary space-occupying files in your hard drive.
  7. Find Power Options within the Hardware and Sound menu of Control Panel.
  8. Create a power plan customized to your needs.
  9. Uninstall the computer programs that are no longer used.
  10. Access the Administrative Tools option within System and Security.
  11. Select Clean up system files and pick the files to be removed.
  12. Verify that your laptop is malware-free using anti-virus software.

How to Upgrade RAM on Laptop?

  1. Power down the laptop and flip it such that you see your laptop battery.
  2. Press the buttons on the side of the battery to remove it.
  3. Unscrew the screw on the laptop casing.
  4. Now, you will be able to view the RAM.
  5. Do a little research to find the RAM compatible for your laptop.
  6. Find the right orientation and insert the RAM in its slot until you hear a pop sound.
  7. Close the back panel and tighten it with a screw.
  8. Push the Power button after placing the battery in its slot.
  9. Wait for about 5 minutes until the laptop screen lights up.
  10. You can view both the RAM in the Task Manager.

How to Use Laptop to Play PS4?

  1. Get an external video capture card and connect it to your laptop.
  2. Install the software that comes with the card for accessing the functionality of the card.
  1. Connect the console to the capture card with the S-video cable.
  2. Open the application and click the Full Screen button.

How to Unlock Mouse on Laptop?

  1. Go to Start and search for Mouse in the programs list.
  2. Click the Mouse tab and check if it is enabled.
  3. Or tap it again to enable.
  4. Uninstall the Mouse driver within Device Manager.
  5. Restart the computer to save the settings.
  6. The Windows automatically download and install the Mouse driver again.

How to Unlock Keyboard on Laptop?

  1. Press the Num Lock key to deactivate it.
  2. Restart your computer and check if the keyboard is unlocked.
  3. Unplug and then reconnect if you are using an external keyboard.
  4. Remove the battery of the laptop and then insert it after a few seconds.
  5. Open the keyboard housing with a screwdriver and check the cable within.
  6. See if the keyboard cable socket is in its place and press it firmly into position if found to be loose.

How to make Laptop Faster?

  1. Click Start > Run and type %temp% Press OK > Delete All file.
  2. Type prefetch in the run window > Delete All file.
  3. Input cleanmgr in the run window > Select C: Drive > Delete All file.
  4. Type tree in the command window of the laptop.
  5. Enter the text regsvr32 actxprxy.dll and enter OK.

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