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How To Use Internal Optical Drive As External

Most of the laptops have an optical drive slot, but some don’t. In this case, you can use an external optical drive. The external optical drive has the same functions as the internal drive. The one thing is that you need to connect the external drive physically to the USB port on your computer using a USB cable. Suppose all you have in your hand is an internal optical drive, then follow the instructions given below to use it as an external optical drive.

How To Use Internal Optical Drive As External
  • First, make sure to eject the CD (if available) from the drive before disassembling it from your laptop.
  • Next, get an external optical drive enclosure kit. You can buy it from your nearby retail store or from an online store. Make sure to get the enclosure kit that is compatible with your internal drive.
  • Open the enclosure kit by referring to its user manual. Note: Based on the enclosure model, the internal drive installation process may vary. So, make sure to refer to the enclosure manual to know the exact procedure.
  • Lift the top cover or open the side part of the enclosure.
  • Now, insert the internal drive into the enclosure correctly.
  • Again, place the top cover or the side part of the kit.
  • Tighten the screws if available.
  • Now, get the USB cable provided with the enclosure kit.
  • Connect the enclosure kit with the internal drive to your computer using the USB Cable.
  • Now, power on your computer.
  • Wait until a dialog box titled New Hardware Found appears on the screen. 
  • Once this dialog box appears, the external hard drive will be ready.
  • Open the optical drive slot and insert a CD. Close the drive slot.

Now, you have converted your internal drive into an external drive with the help of an enclosure kit.

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