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How to Void a Check Using QuickBooks?

Voiding a check using QuickBooks prevents miscalculations and problems while paying the invoices or clients. You can also void a Paper check and Payroll check within the QuickBooks. Once a check is voided, the amount nullifies to 0. However, the records of voided transactions like number, payee, and date will be stored in the registry.

Follow these steps to perform how to void a Check using QuickBook

  • Open the Quickbooks software and tap the Banking  Use register.
  • Select the account from which the check was written.
  • Click the Check number that you wish to void. Click Void
  • Click the Edit tab  Void Check button.
  • If you wish to void the check using the date when it was written, click No. If you click the NO button, then the information will not get updated to the company’s journal.
  • Click the Yes button when a message ‘if you want to void the check in the current period’ prompts. The information gets updated to the company’s journal, reporting that the check was voided with the details.
  • Finally, click the Record tab.
How to Void a Check Using QuickBooks

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