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Hp Deskjet 1012 Driver Download

To download the driver for your HP Deskjet 1012 printer, execute the following instructions:

  • Navigate to the official site of your HP Deskjet 1012 printer.
  • Select the Software and Drivers tab.
  • Under the title, Software and drivers for HP Deskjet 1012 Printer, and click the Choose a different OS option.
  • The Change preferred operating system window will be displayed.
  • From the Operating system drop-down menu, select the operating system of your computer.
  • From the Version drop-down menu, choose the version of the operating system that you have selected. Click the Change button.
  • A list of available drivers and related software will be displayed on the screen. Select the Download button provided next to any of the drivers in the list to download the same.
Hp Deskjet 1012 Driver Download

Install hp deskjet 1012 driver software

To install the HP Deskjet 1012 driver software on your Windows computer, carry out the instructions given below:

  • Once you have downloaded the driver file on your computer, open it.
  • Now, extract the same file. Then, copy the path of the file.
  • Click the Start button and go to Settings.
  • On the screen that is displayed, click the Devices option.
  • In the Devices section, select the Printers and scanners option.
  • Click the plus sign next to Add a printer or scanner.
  • If you cannot find your printer, choose The printer I want is not listed.
  • In the window that is displayed, select the Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings option. Click the Next button.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu for the Use an existing port: option, choose USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) (Local Port). Then, click Next.
  • Select the Have Disk button.
  • The Install From Disk dialog box will now be displayed. Right-click the text box provided for the Copy manufacturer’s files from: option.
  • Paste the file path of the downloaded driver file that you have copied earlier, and click OK.
  • In the dialog box that is displayed, go to the Printers section and choose your printer along with its model number. Select the Next button.
  • Verify your printer model shown in the text box next to Printer name and click Next.
  • You will see the Installing printer… message.
  • Ensure that you choose the Do not share this printer option. Click the Next button.
  • You will receive a message stating that your printer has been successfully added. Click the Finish button.
  • In the screen that appears next, go to the Printers & scanners section, and your printer (with its model) will be displayed as the default printing source.
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