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Quick Guide For Hp External DVD CD Drive DVD600S Setup

Hp External Dvd Cd Drive Dvd600S Setup

The HP External DVD CD drive DVD6000S setup is an ultra-slim multi-format DVD/CD writer. The read and write speed for DVDs is up to a maximum of 8X. The read and write speed for CDs is up to 24X. It has optical storage with high-speed recording. The USB cable to connect to any device is attached to the writer.

The features and setup steps of the HP External DVD/CD drive DVD6000S are given below.

Technical Details Of HP External Dvd/cd Drive Dvd600S

  • Manufacturer – HP
  • Color – Silver
  • Height – 1.7 inches
  • Width – 7.8 inches
  • Model number – DVD600S
  • Batteries included – No
  • Functions Of HP External Drive

    DVD functions

    • Writes to DVD+R and DVD-R media
    • Writes to double-layer DVD+R and dual-layer DVD-R media
    • Reads DVD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RWm DVD-RW, DVD+R9, and DVD-R9 discs

    CD Functions

    • Reads CD-ROM and CD-R data media
    • Reads CD-RW and CD-DA media
    • Writes to CD-R media
    • Writes to ultra-speed CD-RW media

    Button And Led On The Front Panel

    • Status LED – It blinks when the drive is in writing or reading mode
    • Eject button: To eject the tray, you have to press the Eject button.


    • Open the product box and take the writer out of the box.
    • Clear all the packing materials.

    Emergency Eject Hole

    If the tray is not ejected after pressing the Eject button, press the Emergency Eject Hole. You can even press this hole when the external drive has no power to eject the tray.


    Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to perform the HP External DVD CD drive DVD6000S setup.

    • Check if your laptop is turned on.
    • Connect the writer’s USB cable to the laptop’s USB port.
    • Once connected, the laptop will detect the writer.
    • Wait until the necessary drivers are installed automatically on the laptop.
    • Once done, you will see the Your device is ready to use message on the screen.
    • Press the Eject button to open the writer tray.
    • Place the CD or DVD and play the content in it.

    Finally, you have finished the HP External DVD CD drive DVD6000S setup.

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