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How to fix HP Laptop Charger?

HP laptop chargers are available in different specifications for each model of the laptops. They have lithium-ion battery cells and are designed to weigh less, charge faster, and last longer. Find the chargers compatible with your laptop model while looking for replacement chargers.

Based upon your requirement, find the battery, charger, or adapter for your laptop. The charger is a power adapter with a connector. It has built-in-surge-protector to help you keep the laptop safe. When brought from an HP dealer, the charger comes with a 1-year warranty. Learn How to fix HP Laptop Charger Issues using below guidance.

HP Laptop Charger Replacement

The charger is responsible for powering up the laptop with dependable power such that the user can operate it for long hours. A faulty charger will not charge the battery. Hence, it needs to be replaced immediately.

  1. Locate your “laptop’s model number” on the bottom of your laptop.
  2. Check the “laptop user manual” for finding the voltage requirement of the laptop.
  3. See if the charger to be purchased is compatible with your laptop model.

How to Open HP Laptop Charger?

You could use a little help of a vise to open the seam. Force open the battery cover with patience since it might be glued or tightened with screws.

How to Repair Laptop Charger?

Repairing laptop chargers are risky particularly considering the involvement of prying it open and testing its voltage availability. It must be the least sought option when your charger goes faulty.

  1. Cut the joint line of the battery box with a dremel.
  2. Open the plastic shell gently.
  3. “Use” the unsoldering pump and tweezers to unsolder the cables.
  4. Check the voltage at the pins.
  5. See if any pin is short-circuited.
  6. Replace the pins and close the battery case with duct tape.

HP Laptop Charger not working How to fix it?

Test the charger as explained below to find if the charger is working or not. Below provide steps for How to fix HP Laptop Charger not working issue.

  1. Make sure you always use HP approved AC adapters for charging.
  2. Check if there is any damage in the AC adapter and cords.
  3. Examine carefully to find any broken connector, bent, or missing ID pins.
  4. Check the tip of the AC adapter plug and DC connector.
  5. Verify that your wall outlet is working properly by connecting it to other devices.
  6. Detach and reconnect the power cord to the AC adapter.

How to Charge HP Laptop without Charger?


Get your hands on a high-quality Universal Power Adapter. Find one that fits your laptop. It is capable of powering up itself and charging other equipment as well.


Plug it into your car’s power outlet and charge your laptop throughout your travel.


Take your laptop battery out and charge it with this charger. Once done, put the battery back into the laptop.


Super battery is again similar to laptop battery charger except that you have to buy one that fits your battery. After charging the battery alone, it can be put back to work. Super batteries store 4-hours of battery charge.

Why HP Laptop Charger Light Blinking Constantly?

Perform the below-given troubleshooting steps if your HP laptop charger light is constantly blinking.

  1. Detach the AC power cord and remove the battery.
  2. Hold the Power button for about 30 seconds.
  3. Now, plug the AC adapter to the wall socket.
  4. Attach the adapter to the laptop.
  5. Switch on the laptop.

HP Compaq Laptop Charger not Working

  1. Drain the laptop battery.
  2. Charge the laptop with the charger in doubt.
  3. Turn it on after 2 hours.
  4. If the laptop did charge but didn’t start, the fault might be with the battery.
  5. Check for any physical damage in the power cord and the adapter.
  6. Also, see the input charging port on the laptop.
  7. Look for any bent pins. If found, replace the particular part.

Solved: HP Laptop Charger Pin Broken

If you happen to find your laptop charger pin broken, the only way to fix it is getting a new adapter. Replace the damaged adapter before it damages the charging port of the laptop.

Since the replacement involves skillful and cautious work, it is recommended to find a laptop service station to do the job. Instant solution related how to fix hp laptop charger & hp laptop contact our experts.

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