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Easy Guidance for HP Laptop Mouse

HP laptop mouse is in-built as a touchpad. Move your finger across the touchpad to navigate across the screen. The left button on the touchpad is for left-click actions, and the right button is for opening a shortcut menu. This touchpad can be used to scroll, drag, click, and right-click.

How to Set Up Wireless Mouse on HP Laptop?

Quick Steps for Wireless Mouse Setup:

  1. Power up your laptop.
  2. Load batteries in the battery slot of the mouse.
  3. Push the “power button” of the mouse to the On position.
  4. “Plug” the USB wireless receiver into your laptop’s USB port.
  5. Enable the Connect button on the mouse.
HP Laptop Mouse

How to Unlock Mouse on HP Laptop?

  1. Double tap the touchpad sensors to unlock the touchpad.
  2. The LED light next to it will switch off indicating that the touchpad has been unlocked.
  3. Or tap on all corners of the touchpad to unlock it.
  4. Now how to unlock hp laptop mouse guidelines completed successfully.

How to Hook Up Wireless Mouse to HP Laptop?

  1. Push the Power button of the mouse to the On position.
  2. Tuck the USB wireless receiver into the laptop’s USB port.
  3. Find the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse and move it to the On position.

How do I Connect Bluetooth Mouse?

  1. Move the button behind the mouse to the On position.
  2. Press the Bluetooth Connect button once.
  3. On your HP laptop, head to Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Add device.
  4. Pick your Bluetooth mouse from the list of devices.
  5. Key in 0000 if the password is requested.
  6. Hit Enter and close the window.

How to Unfreeze Mouse Pad on HP Laptop?

  1. Reboot your laptop and wait for the “mouse to freeze”.
  2. Look if your “laptop” has a key with a touchpad symbol.
  3. If yes, press it to unfreeze the mouse.
  4. The “touchpad key” might be one of the Function keys.
  5. Push it in unison with the “Fn” key to unfreeze the touchpad.
  6. Navigate to Start and type Mouse in the search box.
  7. Click “Mouse > Touchpad > Enable”.
  8. Uninstall the outdated device drivers and install the new ones.

How to Turn Off Mouse Pad on HP Laptop?

  1. Click Start and search for mouse in your Windows.
  2. Hit Change your mouse settings -> Additional mouse options.
  3. Select Touchpad in the Mouse Properties window.
  4. Choose Disable -> Apply -> OK.

How to Turn On Touchpad on HP Laptop?

  1. Locate the LED next to the touchpad.
  2. Tap it twice to enable the touchpad.
  3. Or you can also access mouse on your Windows laptop and enable it within the Device Settings.

Fixed: External Mouse not working on HP Laptop

  1. Power down your laptop and restart it.
  2. Uninstall the mouse within the Device Manager option.
  3. Repeat the above procedure for all the devices enlisted under the Mouse category.
  4. Reboot the laptop.
  5. Try connecting the external mouse to another USB port.
  6. See if the Power switch is enabled on the mouse.
  7. Replace old batteries in the mouse.

How to Activate HP Laptop Mouse?

  1. You’ll find a LED light next to the touchpad of your laptop.
  2. Touch it twice to switch it off.
  3. Head to Device Settings > Mouse > Your device model.
  4. Enable the device by selecting the check box.

How to Lock Touchpad on HP Laptop?

  1. Type Mouse in the search bar of your Windows laptop.
  2. Click Change your mouse settings > Additional mouse options.
  3. Choose Touchpad in the Mouse Properties window.
  4. Hit Disable > Apply > OK.

How to Enable the Mouse Pad on HP Laptop?

  1. The LED light next to the Mouse Pad should be off.
  2. So, double tap the LED to turn it off.
  3. Thus, the mouse pad is enabled.
  4. Access your mouse within Device Settings and enable it

How to fix HP Laptop Mouse Pad?

  1. Be sure to install the latest device drivers for your Windows.
  2. Invoke the Run box with the Windows +R keys.
  3. Input devmgmt.msc and tap OK.
  4. Select the Mice and other pointing devices category.
  5. Double-tap your mouse > Driver > Roll Back Driver.
  6. Reboot the laptop and check if the mouse works now.

How to fix HP Laptop Mouse not Working Issue?

  1. Try pressing Fn and F5 buttons together to unfreeze a stuck cursor on the screen.
  2. Search Mouse in the taskbar.
  3. Go to Device Settings of Mouse Properties.
  4. Click on your device and enable it.
  5. Tap twice on the LED on the left corner of your laptop to turn it off.
  6. Only then your touchpad will operate.

Solved: HP Laptop Left Click Button not working

It is annoying to find out that your left mouse button is not working while the rest of the touchpad is perfectly fine. The following techniques will help you get rid of this hardware issue.

  1. Check if you have the most recent driver update installed on your laptop.
  2. Switch off your laptop and then try using the left button.

Solved: HP Laptop Touchpad not working Orange Light

Sometimes the orange light LED on the touchpad doesn’t turn off even though the pointer is working. Here is how to fix HP Laptop Mouse Pad(Touch Pad) issue.

  1. Tap the light gently twice.
  2. Remove the touchpad driver and install it again.
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