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How to fix Power Cord on HP Laptop?

HP laptop power cord consists of an adapter, cord, and a connector. The adapter converts the supplied voltage to laptop-compatible voltage. Different laptops require different connector tips. Experts recommend using the chargers brought from the laptop manufacturers only. Also, choosing the right power cord for your laptop is essential. Learn how to fix power cord on hp laptop here.

How Much is a Power Cord for a HP Laptop?

The cost of HP laptop power cords varies on a vast range depending upon the seller, shopping platform, and model. The price usually ranges between $10- $30.

Power Cord for HP Laptop Models

About HP Pavilion Power Cord

It is an AC adapter with input voltage capability ranging from 100V to 240V. The output voltage is 18.5V. When brought from the manufacturer or an HP dealer, this cord comes with a 12-months warranty. An IC chip integrated within the adapter recognizes the completely charged battery and switches to saver mode thus preventing overheating. Since this has been designed to be lightweight, it is suitable for travel also.

About HP Envy Laptop Power Cord

The power cord for the HP Envy has an input voltage capability of 240 V. The output voltage is 19.5V. The connector tip size is 4.5mm * 3.0mm. It is compatible with many HP laptop models such as HP EliteBook Folio, HP Spectre X360, etc. get the solution for how to fix power cord on hp Envy Models.

how to fix power cord on hp laptop

About HP Probook Power Cord

HP Probook laptop chargers are compatible with HP Chromebook 14 Series Notebook PC. At a weight of only 12 ounces, it is travel-friendly. The connector size is 4.5 mm *3.0mm and delivers an output DC voltage of 19.5 V.

HP Power Cord Replacement Guide

  1. Inspect the cord or the adapter to find any signs of physical damage in it.
  2. Overheating might cause blackening of the connector pins.
  3. Broken connectors and missing ID pins require the replacement of your laptop power cord.
  4. Note down your laptop model number.
  5. Find a power cord suiting your laptop’s voltage needs.
  6. The connector measurements must also be taken into account.
  7. Detach the cord from the adapter and then plug it back in.
  8. If any one of the parts works well, replace only the damaged one.

How to Repair HP Laptop Power Cord?

  1. Use a dremel to cut open the joint of the battery.
  2. Separate the plastic cover of the battery.
  3. Unsolder the cables with tweezers.
  4. Make use of a multimeter to check the voltage at the pins.
  5. Check for any short-circuited pins.
  6. Remove the damaged pins and replace them with intact pins.
  7. Close the battery case with duct tape or gum.

How to fix HP Pavilion Power Cord Problems?

  1. Sometimes the power cord might not charge properly even though the power supply is just fine. Try changing the angle of connection and push the cord all the way in ensuring it is tightly plugged into the charging port.
  2. If the battery icon doesn’t show signs of charging even with the power cord plugged in, remove any surge protectors via which the laptop is charged.
  3. Check the LED light on the adapter to see if it is charging and if not, it is best to replace the charger.

How to fix a HP Power Cord that’s Plugged in but not charging?

  1. Search “Device Manager” in your Windows taskbar search tool.
  2. Click Batteries and right-click Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.
  3. Uninstall both the devices.
  4. They get “re-installed” automatically upon rebooting.
  5. Power down the laptop and remove all the cables from it.
  6. In case of removable battery, take it out and then place it back in.
  7. “Plug in” your laptop to a working wall socket and then charge it up.
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