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HP Touch Screen Laptop

Touch screen laptops have displayed their usefulness among users who are often into jotting down notes, sketching, and drawing. Over time, laptop touch screens have improved in accuracy and speed as well. HP Touch Screen Laptop in the following models : HP Pavilion x360 – 15-cr0011nr,HP Pavilion x360 – 15″ Convertible Laptop + 25″ Display Bundle,HP Pavilion Bundle – 15″ x360 Convertible Laptop + 32″ Display Bundle, HP Pavilion x360 – 14-cd0011nr.

How to fix HP Laptop Black Screen Problem?

Various reasons might cause black screen in HP laptops. Loose cable connection, damaged ports, or software corruption are the common causes of black screen. Following are the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

  1. Detach the power, hard drives, battery, and other peripheral devices from your laptop.
  2. Push the Power button for about 60 seconds.
  3. Place the battery in its place and charge the laptop.
  4. Reboot it to see if the issue has been resolved.
  5. Invoke Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys together simultaneously.
  6. Head to Details > explorer.exe > End task.
  7. Reboot the laptop and update the graphics drivers.

HP Touch Screen Laptop

Solved: HP Laptop Black Screen when Startup

  1. Power down your laptop and remove any peripheral devices from it.
  2. Detach the AC power adapter.
  3. Keep the Power button down for at least 15 seconds.
  4. Switch the computer on after reconnecting the power adapter.

How to Screen Record on HP Laptop?

  1. On your HP Touch Screen Laptop, make sure you install Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. Move to the Insert tab of the PowerPoint file and select Screen Recording.
  3. Click Select Area and drag the area to be recorded.
  4. Now, press Windows +R keys to record the screen.
  5. Hit Pause to pause the video and save it.

How to Rotate Screen on HP Laptop?

  1. Press the “Ctrl+Alt+Up” arrow keys to “rotate the screen”.
  2. “Hit” the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator icon in the system tray.
  3. Select “Graphics Properties > Display Settings”.
  4. Tick the box against the Enable Rotation option.
  5. Tap “Apply > OK”.

How to Brighten Screen on HP Laptop?

  1. Right-click the Battery icon in the task bar.
  2. View the Adjust screen brightness option.
  3. Press Windows and X buttons together.
  4. Find the option to adjust the brightness.
  5. See if there is a dedicated button for brightness.
  6. If available, press it to increase the screen brightness.

How Replace HP Laptop Screen?

In cases where your HP laptop screen gets broken or cracked, ready to fit laptop screen replacements are available in the market. It costs you anywhere from $40-$100 based on the laptop model and screen size.

How Replace HP Laptop Touch Screen?

The HP Touch Screen Laptop has a touch layer (digitizer) and a display layer ( LCD/LED panel). In cases of screen cracks, only the digitizer needs to be replaced. During a heavy fall, both the layers tend to crack, and hence both must be replaced. If the warranty period is on, take your laptop to the HP service center and get the screen replaced. Anyway, the screen alone will cost around $85.

Fixed: HP Laptop Turns on but Screen is Black

  1. Check the connection between your laptop and the power supply.
  2. Change the video connection port if plugged into an external device.
  3. Remove the port replicator and external devices from the laptop.
  4. Unplug it from the power supply.
  5. Power it up via the electric power supply after removing its battery.
  6. Push the Power button for 15 seconds.

How to Repair HP Laptop Screen?

  1. Get a replacement screen and a screwdriver set.
  2. Remove the cushion screws holding the bezel in place.
  3. Take away the bezel followed by the LCD panel.
  4. Attach the new screen panel to the cable.
  5. Position it with tightening screws.
  6. Put back the battery and charge up the laptop.
  7. See if the new panel is doing well.
  8. Now, secure the bezel.

How to fix a HP Laptop Screen that wont Turn ON?

  1. Get a new HP Touch Screen Laptop battery if yours appears damaged.
  2. Remove the battery and connect the laptop directly to the power supply.
  3. Check if the charger port is damaged.
  4. Try using a different AC adapter to boot the laptop again.
  5. Detach all the external devices from the laptop and then power it on.
  6. Power cycle your laptop and check if the issue is fixed.

Solved: HP Laptop Screen goes Blank but Still Running

  1. Remove the port replicator and external devices from the laptop.
  2. Unplug it from the power supply.
  3. Power it up via the electric power supply after removing its battery.
  4. Push the Power button for 15 seconds.
  5. Turn on the laptop after inserting the battery.
  6. Connect the laptop to an external monitor and check if the screen is clear.
  7. If yes, install the latest version of the graphics driver.

Fixed: HP Laptop won’t Boot Up Past First Screen

  1. Turn off the laptop and press the Esc button as the screen appears.
  2. Enter the Start-up menu and choose the BIOS option by pressing F10.
  3. Or press F2 to run tests.
  4. Reset the windows by pressing the F11 button.

Solved: HP Laptop not Starting Up Black Screen

  1. Verify that the connections are secure and tight.
  2. Check if the laptop ports are intact.
  3. Restart the video driver by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+B keys simultaneously.
  4. Hold down the Windows +P keys and switch between the modes of display to see if the black screen disappears.
  5. Disconnect all the peripherals connected to the laptop.

Fixed: Laptop Power goes on but Screen shows nothing

If your laptop battery seems to be damaged, get a new one.

  1. Take the battery out and connect the HP Touch Screen Laptop directly to a power source.
  2. See if the charger port is intact.
  3. Use a different AC adapter to boot the laptop again.
  4. Pull out all the external devices from the laptop and then power it up.
  5. Start your laptop and check if the issue is fixed.
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