Fixed: Infocus Projector not Finding Source

If you are facing Infocus projector not finding source issues, you can carry out the steps that are given below to fix them.

Infocus projector not finding source
  • In case the Infocus projector is not finding a source, make sure that the cables connecting the projector are fixed firmly.
  • If the cables are found to be defective, then replace them.
  • You could see the no signal message if the source device and projector are not connected properly.
  • If you have connected via USB C cable, make sure to use the USB cable that came with the projector.
  • Ensure that you have connected the right adapter to connect your projector and the source device.
  • To check if the cable is working properly, you can try connecting the source device to another projector or TV.
  • If you have connected the projector to an iOS device, ensure that you are using the authentic Apple digital AV adapter.
  • If you are using any other third-party adapter, use a genuine one.
  • Now, restart the laptop and projector and check if the issue is resolved.
  • If you have connected the projector to a device that doesn’t support HD video output, you may receive the no signal message.
  • Make sure that the laptop or mobile device you have connected is compatible with the projector.
  • Go to the display settings on your computer and check whether the multiple display option is selected. If it is not selected, you can’t use the projector.
  • Now, set the resolution settings as 1080p or 720p on your source device.
  • If you are connecting the projector to a gaming console, you have to reset the display settings.
  • Verify whether the input mode selection on the projector is correct. If you find it to be wrong, set it correctly to fix the issue.
  • Now, you can start using the projector.

Now we have seen how to fix the Infocus projector not finding source issue.

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