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Infocus Projector Not Connecting To Laptop

It will be frustrating when you can’t connect the InFocus projector to your laptop in the middle of the presentation. If the connection between the laptop and InFocus projector is not successful, your laptop’s monitor won’t be projected. Proceed with the steps that are given below to fix the issue.

InFocus Projector Setup

  • Check whether you have properly connected all the interface cables.
  • Make sure that you have connected the power cord between the projector and an electrical outlet.
  • Ensure that the power outlet is working. If not, connect the power cord to a different
  • Verify whether the input cable of the connector on the projector and laptop are connected firmly.The connector cable will be in blue with screws on both sides.
  • Restart the laptop and InFocus projector and check whether the issue has been
  • If you see the no signal message on the laptop screen, press the Fn and F8 keys together. Check whether the laptop display shows on the projector.
  • If the issue is not resolved, disconnect all the cables connecting the projector and laptop. Then, reconnect them.

  • If any of the cables are defective, replace it and check whether they are connected firmly.
  • If your laptop’s screen is still not getting projected, press the Power button on the projector and hold the button for a few seconds to turn it on.
  • Set the correct projector source settings to fix the issue.
  • If you have any other laptop or computer, try connecting the projector to the other laptop and check whether the issue has been
  • If the projector connectsto the other laptop, the problem lies with your laptop.
  • Resolve the issues on your laptop and connect the InFocus projector again.

Installation Guide