DEF: Install Canon IJ Printer Utility

The Canon IJ Printer Utility allows you to maintain the machine and change its settings. The utility can be used to clean the printer to prevent print smudges and clear clogged nozzles. It also lets you control the power of the machine from the printer driver. Checking the printer status and customizing its settings are its main functions. The install canon IJ printer utility guidance are given below.

Canon IJ Printer Utility Setup Guidance

The Canon IJ Printer Utility is a software which allows you to set detailed print settings. The options available vary depending on the usage environment and the type of connection. This application makes printing and scanning easier. It automatically saves the scanned data to a default folder, extracts data from documents, and attach files to an email. Download the utility software from the Internet and install it. The settings can be configured on the utility only after it is installed on the computer.

Canon IJ Printer Driver Installer

While trying to download and install the printer driver, the software opens an installer window that guides you through the entire process.

Quick steps for IJ Driver Installation

  • On your computer, open System Preferences > Print & Scan.
  • Find your printer model in the list displayed.
  • Select Options & Supplies.
  • Head to the Utility tab and click Open Printer Utility.
  • The printer utility is launched.
  • Proceed to set the print and scan settings as you prefer.
Install Canon IJ Printer Utility

Fixed: Canon IJ Driver cannot be Installed on this Computer

If the installation doesn’t begin once the installation disc is inserted into the computer, follow the procedure below

  • Head to Start > Computer on your computer.
  • Double-click the disc icon and then run the executable setup file within.
  • Check if the printer and the computer are connected with a working USB cable.
  • Hit Cancel > Start Over on the Installation Failure screen.
  • Select Back on the screen that appears next.
  • On the next screen, click Exit and then remove the CD-ROM.
  • Power off and then restart the computer.
  • Ensure that no other application software running in the background.
  • Tuck the disc and perform the following prompts to install Canon IJ printer utility driver.
Installation Guide