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Complete Guide for Install Canon Printer Driver

Canon printer driver is required for the initial setup of the printer and also to troubleshoot certain printer issues that might arise with time. The driver is automatically installed when the printer is connected to the computer. You also get an installation CD with the printer. Run it in the computer and install canon printer driver following the installer prompts.

Canon Pixma Printer Software Installation

Canon printers release updated installation software frequently to facilitate the installation process. With this software, the procedure is easily done. Be it wired or wireless connection; the installer takes you through the process one step at a time. Find the printer software suitable for your printer and computer’s OS. Download and install it, thus finally setting up your printer.

Quick steps for Canon Printer Installation

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal.
  • “Type” sudo add-apt-repository ppa: iname/iname/stable.
  • Input the password and hit Enter to proceed.
  • Download and install the Synaptic Package Manager from the “Ubuntu Software” Center.
  • “Refresh” your system cache with the Reload button.
  • “Type” cnijfilter in the Quick filter box to install the printer driver.
  • Key in scangearmp in the box to install a scan gear.
  • “Find” the package that is suitable for your printer and computer.
  • Right-click it and select Mark for installation.
  • Finally, hit Apply to install the driver.
  • Upon the driver installation, connect the devices and proceed to print.
Install Canon Printer Driver

Canon Printer Driver Install on Windows 7

  • To add the local Canon printer to your computer, click Start.
  • Head to Devices and Printers > Add a printer.
  • Select Add a local printer
  • On the page that follows, check the Use an existing port button.
  • Select the recommended port before proceeding.
  • Choose the make and model of the printer, then click Next.
  • Hit Windows Update and wait for the Windows to check additional drivers.
  • Continue with the installer instructions to complete the driver installation process.

Canon Printer Driver Install without CD

  • Click Start > Devices and Printers > Add a printer.
  • The Add Printer wizard opens. Pick the option Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth rinter.
  • Pick the printer you prefer and hit Next.
  • When directed to install the printer driver, click Install driver.
  • Type the administrator password when requested.
  • Follow the instructions of the wizard and do as directed. Hit Finish.

How to Install Canon Printer Driver on Windows 8 without CD?

  • Tuck the USB cable into the printer and its other end to the computer.
  • Power on both the devices.
  • Point to the lower right corner of the screen with the mouse.
  • Click Settings > Change PC Settings.
  • Tap PC and devices > Devices.
  • Locate your printer model listed under the Printers menu.
  • Select Add a device and pick your printer to install it.
  • The updated driver is automatically installed.
How to Install Canon Printer on Windows 8 without CD

Installation Disc for Canon Printer

Canon printers come with an installation disc which has the driver file suitable for your printer and computer’s OS. Installation this way is quite easy. Run the disc in your computer’s disc drive and browse to the location where the file is saved. An installer window opens to guide you through the process. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer, the software is installed on your computer.

Canon Printer Driver Install on Chromebook

  • Install canon printer driver on chromebook process begin, switch on your Canon printer and connect it to a wireless network.
  • Power on the Chromebook and log into it with your Google account.
  • Establish a connection between the Chromebook and the same wireless network.
  • Select Settings > Advanced. Find and click Printers in the Printing section.
  • Click Add Printer > Your Printer > Add.
  • Press Ctrl + P on the page you’d like to print.
  • Hit the drop-down button next to the Destination option.
  • Pick your printer and select Print.
Install Canon Printer Driver on Chromebook
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