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How to Fix PlayStation VR won’t Show on TV?

Many users have complained that they are able to see an image only within their PlayStation VR HMD (Head-Mounted Display), but not on their TV.The PlayStation VR won’t show on TV problem under discussion is known as the “screen-mirroring” issue. This condition might arise because of a hardware or software fault.When you face some screen-mirroring issues like the above, you can try the following troubleshooting methods:

PlayStation VR won’t show on TV

Method 1-Try Checking your HDCP Settings:

The main use of HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is to prevent the copying of data when it is transmitted through certain connections. Sometimes, when your HDCP is enabled, certain PSVR games tend to get affected. There is no logical reason for this situation. However, you have the facility of disabling HDCP. To do the same, please follow the instructions given here:

  • First, on your device, select the Settings option.
  • Next, select System. Click the Enable HDCP option.
  • Now, click on Yes. This action will deselect the box next to HDCP.
  • When the box next to the HDCP option is deselected, it means that HDCP has been disabled.

Method 2-Try Checking your HDMI Cables:

  • The issue might arise because of some poor-quality HDMI cables.
  • To resolve the issue, try unplugging the HDMI cables one after another. Then, you have to replace every cable with another one that was not shipped with your PSVR.
  • In case you can see an image on your TV, you can conclude that the poor-quality HDMI cables are to be blamed.

At times, the problem might also lie with your PlayStation’s HDMI port. If you cannot see an image on the TV even after replacing the HDMI cables with new ones, you can try the following:

  • Jiggle the HDMI cable that is connected to the back portion of your PlayStation.
  • In case you can see flickering images on your TV screen, it indicates that the hardware in your PlayStation is causing all the problems.

Method 3-Try Removing your Extension Cable:

  • If the above methods do not work and you cannot find the source of the problem, you can try disconnecting the extension cable. This is the cable between the HMD and the PlayStation VR’s external processing unit.
  • Now, plug your HMD directly into the processing unit. Check if you are able to see any image on your TV.
  • If you can, then you can determine that the problem lies with the extension cable.
  • What you need to do now is to order a replacement for the extension cable that you are currently using.

The above troubleshooting methods should help in resolving the issue. By now, you must be able to see an image on your TV.

We have now discussed the PlayStation VR won’t show on TV issue. We have also seen some effective troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

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