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QuickBooks 2010 Update Error 12007

QuickBooks, an innovative accounting software, enables real-time financial and operational insights and offers the ability to automate critical processes. The Error 12007 in QuickBooks 2010 occurs due to QuickBooks update timeout, i.e., the error shows up when the software doesn’t have access to your server. There are many factors that might give rise to error 12007 on the application.  In this article, let’s see the reason for the occurrence of error 12007 and some easy steps to resolve it.

QuickBooks update error 12007

Here are the causes and solutions for the QuickBooks 2010 update error 12007.

  • The error may occur when the application is not connected to the internet. Sometimes, your system’s security tool may prevent the QB from connecting to the internet. Disable the antivirus or firewall on your system and then connect.
  • Incorrect SSL settings can also give rise to this error on your application. Check your SSL settings and resolve the issue.
  • Use the browser that’s recommended by QuickBooks. The error may occur when you usea browser that’s not supported by QB.
  • Check for the latest updateson your computer and install it. Also, update the QuickBooks Desktop application to the latest version.

Troubleshooting Methods For Quickbooks Error 12007

Method 1: Modify QuickBooks Updates

  • Disconnect the internet connection and open QuickBooks on your computer.
  • Go to your company file and click Ctrl+K A new window will pop up on your screen.
  • Click the Edit option and un-check Open Payroll Setup.

Method 2: QuickBooks Payroll Updates

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click the Next
  • Under the Next option, select the Advanced Connection
  • Now, go to the Internet Properties window and click on the Advanced
  • Make sure to check the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 options and click Apply.

Reboot the application and update the QuickBooks Payroll Services.

Method 3: Reset The Update Settings

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, go to Help, and click the Update Now
  • Now, click on the Reset Now check box and select the Get Updates

See if the QuickBooks 2010 update error 12007 has been fixed. For any queries, click the Call button.

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