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Fixed: Quickbooks Error Code 6190

QuickBooks is a business and financial management software that enables you to manage your accounts receivable and payable, payroll, tax filing, invoices, etc. It is one of the best business accounting software for small businesses. While using QuickBooks, if you see the QuickBooks error code 6190, you can rely on the instructions given on this page. The error discussed here mostly occurs when the other user tries to log in or access a single user mode, update failure error, data corruption, etc. It is simple to fix it if you know the reason for the error code 6190.

Quickbooks Error Code 6190

Methods To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 6190

Rename The File

It is one of the common mistakes that many users make. Opening the company folder in a single user mode will result in error 6190. So try to rename the file name, which will help to resolve the issue.

  • Open the folder that has the company name.
  • Search and locate the files that has .ND and .TIG at the end of the company file name such as Company file name.qbw.tig and Company file name.qbw.nd.
  • Select each file and right-click on the file to rename it.
  • Simply add ‘OLD’ to the end of the file name and make sure that you don’t remove .qbw.nd from the end.
  • Now exit the window, reopen QuickBooks and make sure no error occurs.

Use QuickBooks File Doctor

Once you see the QuickBooks error 6190, try to run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, which helps detect and remove the error.

  • Download the tool from the official web page of QuickBooks and install it.
  • Launch the tool and make sure you select the Network only option.
  • Run the tool to detect all the corrupted data and remove the error 6190.
  • Now restart the PC and check whether the error persists.

Update QuickBooks

Using the old version of QuickBooks will also result in error code 6190. So, update QuickBooks using these steps.

  • Click the Start menu and search for QuickBooks.
  • Right-click on QuickBooks and choose Run as administrator.
  • The software window will pop up; choose the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks.
  • Make sure you mark all the options for update and click Save.
  • Select the Update now tab and select the Reset update box.
  • Click on the Get updates option and wait until the software gets updated.
  • Now restart the PC and access QuickBooks.

By performing these simple methods, you can easily fix the QuickBooks error code 6190.

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