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Quickbooks Installation Error 1904

Working with QuickBooks makes your accounting job smoother. But are you here because of the QuickBooks installation error 1904? Relax and read the simple instructions that we have provided here. These instructions will help you get the error fixed.


Fix 1: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Whenever you are stuck with errors in QuickBooks, you can make use of the QuickBooks Tool hub. So, to run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool from QuickBooks Tool Hub, perform these steps.

  • If you have QuickBooks open, close it before you begin fixing the error 1904.
  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer.
  • If you haven’t installed the software on your computer, you can download it from the official QuickBooks website and install it on your computer.
  • On opening QuickBooks Tool Hub, select Installation Issues from the tools hub.
  • Now, go on to choose QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • The tool may take some time to fix the issue. Once it is done, restart your computer and then run QuickBooks to see if the error 1904 is fixed.

Fix 2: Modify the user permissions

Sometimes, if the user permissions are not set appropriately, you might have to deal with the QuickBooks installation error 1904. So, modify the user permissions. For this, you need to log in as the Admin user on your computer. Here, we have given the steps to change the user permissions on a Windows computer.

  • Log into your computer as the Admin user.
  • Click the Start menu and open File Explorer using the search menu.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files
  • Now, right-click on the Common Files folder and select Properties .
  • In the Permission dialog box that opens, click the Security tab.
  • Select the Edit option and go to the Group or usernames section.
  • Select the Users option.
  • Next, go to the Permissions for Users section.
  • Enable the checkbox for the following options:
    1. Modify
    2. Read & execute
    3. List folder contents
    4. Read
    5. Write

Apply the changes and then check if the QuickBooks installation error 1904 has been fixed.

Fix 3: Reinstall QuickBooks

In case you have tried the above-mentioned fixes, and still, the error 1904 is not fixed, then reinstall QuickBooks on your computer.

  • Uninstall QuickBooks from your computer.
  • Download the latest version of QuickBooks from the official website.
  • Install QuickBooks on your computer.
  • Now, open Command Prompt using the search bar. Make sure that you open Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Input the command net user administrator /active:no and press Enter .
  • Now, open QuickBooks and see if you are able to access the application.

If you are still stuck with the QuickBooks installation error 1904, seek assistance from our technicians.

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