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Why Quicken Not Connecting With Bank?

Quicken is one of the best personal finance and budget software. You may face quicken not connecting with bank issue when you have updated Quicken to the latest version. This may occur due to sudden variations in the latest version.Follow the steps given below to connect your bank account to Quicken again.

  • Check whether your internet connection is good.
  • Check Date and Time and change the settings if it’s incorrect.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the Quicken software, open Quicken and navigate to Help -> Check for updates.
  • Click Yes to start installing the new update.
Quicken Not Connecting With Bank

Refresh account information:

  • Make sure to backup your file before reconciling your account.
  • Open your Quicken software, go to the Tools menu, and click Online Center.
  • Select Financial Institution and click Contact Info. Press Ctrl+Shift.
  • From the drop-down options, choose your account connected to your bank.
  • Select Financial Institution Branding and Profile. Click Refresh and OK.
  • Finally, select the Update/Send tab to refresh your account connected to Quicken.
  • If the above method fails, try deactivating and reactivating your Quicken account.

Deactivate and reactivate account:

  • Open Quicken, navigate to the Tools menu and select Account List.
  • Choose your account which is not connecting to your bank and click Edit.
  • When the Account details window prompts, select Online Services.
  • Click Deactivate on the account you want to remove. In the confirmation window, select Yes.
  • Repeat this same process for all the accounts that has connection error.
  • Close and reopen Quicken.
  • Click the “+” icon on the Accounts bar or go to the Tools menu and select Add account.
  • Select your account type and follow the instructions carefully to reactivate the account.
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