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Like other streaming devices, Roku Express 4K allows you to watch your favorite shows from popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc. It comes with stunning picture quality and an easy-to-set up feature.

On this page, you’re going to see how to fix the “Roku Express 4K remote not pairing” issue. 

Almost all the newer models of Roku remotes, including the Roku Express 4K remote, are designed to pair automatically with the players. So, you don’t have to perform the pairing process manually. As soon as you insert the provided batteries into your Roku remote, it sends the signal to the player, and the Roku logo will appear on your TV. 


If you find that your Roku Express 4K remote is not pairing with the player, try these simple and easy solutions to fix it.

  • Reinserting the batteries: Remove the batteries from the remote. Make sure that the batteries are new and have enough power to perform. Now, insert the batteries into their slots. Ensure that the batteries are seated properly. 
  • Removing the objects that block the signal: To pair your Roku Express 4K remote with the player, you should need a clear line of sight between the devices (remote and player). Check whether a metallic object or any signal blocking devices are placed in between the remote and player. If yes, remove it and then try to pair your remote with the player.
  • Resetting the Roku Express 4K remote: Remove the batteries from the remote. Disconnect the remote from the power source. Wait for a few seconds. Now, reconnect the remote to the power source and insert the batteries into it. Using a paper clip, hold down the Reset button for a few seconds or until the pairing process initiates on your remote. 
  • Using the Roku Remote mobile app: In case the physical remote is not working, download and install the Roku remote mobile app on your smartphone from the Apps Store and use it for accessing the player.

If the Roku Express 4K remote is not pairing even after performing the above troubleshooting solutions, contact our trained technical experts to fix it.

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