Solved: Router Error Code 448

Router Error Code 448

Check the Router Settings 

  • The error code 448 is not a problem related to the router.
  • The error code 448 is shown when the customer disconnected the call at the routing client.
  • It shows Error “448” or “Dialog (1%) aborted and deleted”.
  • Insufficient algorithms are resulting in the call abandon or disconnect before it is routed.
  • Fixing the error code 448 varies for different routers.(Let us see the Cisco routers, for example.)
  • Open the ICM workstation from the Systems option from the Start menu.
  • Select the components tab and choose the ICM Master help option.
  • You can select the Cisco system option and click on ICM errors.
  • The ICM errors will look up some mistakes in the pop-up window.
  • You can enter the error code 448 in the error number text field.
  • Click the Lookup option, and the ICM window will display the details of the error.

Repair Tool

  • You can use the repair tools to fix the error code 448 quickly.
  • Visit the router’s website and download the repair tool.
  • Once you complete the download, run the downloaded file.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and install the repair tool program.
  • When the repair tool opens, you will see a Scan option.
  • Click the Scan, and the tool will run a full scan on the router.
  • The tool will troubleshoot the router and resolve the Router error code 448 from occurring.

If the repair tool fails in resolving the issue, it is recommended to speak to a customer executive for assistance.

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