SimpliCam, a Wi-Fi camera for professional monitoring and security that can be set up easily, and it also has a night vision capability. As it is designed to be an indoor security camera, you need not worry about mounting the camera because Simplicam does not require any place to mount. You just need to connect the camera (Simplicam) using the supplied cable, install the Simplisafe application and connect the device to Wi-Fi. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Check this page for an easy setup procedure.


To set up Simplicam, you just need to begin with the unpacking process. Just remove all the protective tapes that cover the lens of your Simplicam, and you’ll have to check that the camera is free of every protective material and it is ready to be connected.

  • Before you begin, you just need to check that the power adapter is ready to be connected. Take out your device and slide the back cover by holding the bottom or rear of the Simplicam. Plug one end of the power cable (micro USB) into it and ensure that it locks properly. Place the stand, and you’ll have to check that the Simplicam is fit properly. Later, proceed to download the Simplisafe app to complete the setup procedure.

Downloading the Simplisafe app on your phone

It is easy to download the Simplisafe app. You need to download it from the Google Play Store.

  • On your mobile, launch the application to begin the setup. This time, you need to click the Camera option by scrolling to the bottom of the window. Next, you need to choose the Indoor security camera option because you need to use it for your professional security purpose.
  • Later, you need to continue with the further on-screen instructions. You need to scan the QR code by facing your phone before the camera’s lens when asked.
  • Later, you just need to perform the on-screen instructions on display and perform the verification process. You’ll be asked to connect the device to the Internet connection.
  • At that time, do the necessary steps required for connecting Simplicam to a home network connection. Since you need to do a QR scan, you’ll have to check for a pop-up message. It indicates whether your Wi-Fi connection process is successful or not.
  • Later, you’ll be asked for an update, and then your camera will be updated automatically. This takes about 10-15 minutes. The yellow light stops flashing on your Simplicam after the successful setup procedure.

That’s it. You’re now ready to begin the monitoring process with your professional Simplicam.

Installation Guide