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Simplisafe Camera Troubleshooting [2 Simple Solutions]

SimpliSafe cameras are known for their reliability, and you can trust them for your home security. Still, issues can occur on any device, and SimpliSafe is not an exception. However, when you handle the problem with the proper solution, you can fix the issue without much effort. Try out the Simplisafe Camera troubleshooting techniques listed in this article and fix the issue with your camera.

Simplisafe Camera Troubleshooting

Restart Your Simplisafe Camera

Whatever the device is, a simple restart can help you fix an ongoing issue. The same rule applies to the SimpliSafe camera as well. Follow the instructions below to restart your SimpliSafe camera:

  • Turn off your SimpliSafe camera by pressing the Power button.
  • Let your camera stay undisturbed for a minute.
  • Now, press the Power button on your camera to turn it on.
  • Wait until your camera gets rebooted. Then check whether it can work just as it used to be. If you still face any issues, proceed with the following solution.

Reset Your Simplisafe Camera

Resetting the camera can help you fix your problems. Moreover, resetting your SimpliSafe camera is very simple. Follow the procedure mentioned below to reset your camera:

  • Locate the Reset button on your camera. Press and hold it for 20 seconds.
  • Once the lights start to flash, it means that your camera is being restarted.
  • The complete process takes around one to two minutes. Once the resetting process gets completed, you may notice a solid yellow light on your device. It signifies that your SimpliSafe camera is updating the firmware.
  • Moreover, while it is updating the firmware, your camera will not respond. But, once your camera restarts, you can use it without any trouble.
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These are the best solutions for Simplisafe Camera troubleshooting. If these solutions cannot help you resolve your issue, get back to us for expert assistance.

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