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Terms & Conditions


“Terms & Conditions”, this term itself may appear to be dreadful for the customers. You don’t need to worry anymore as our company has laid down the conditions to which the user need not give a second thought. We ensure that our business and the customers travel in the same way. The conditions laid will satisfy you as a customer and help to fulfill the expectations of the company. 


All the services listed in this website and owned by us. The content you read in this site rightfully belongs to our company. Misuse of any of these contents and information will lead violation of rules. 


We take responsibility in protecting your data under any exceptional circumstances. Your personal information like the name, address, contact will be used only for business purpose. We ensure any of your information will be unshared without your permission. 

Payment Security

Safety is our preference. We understand the need for security during payment. We use the best gateway services to process your payment and take responsibility for shielding your credentials. 

Termination of services

Everything ends! We always work best to maintain a long fruitful relationship with the customers. In case if you are unsatisfied with our service and like to unsubscribe, you can do it in ease. You have to mail to our support team with a reason to unsubscribe along with the Order ID. Our team will acknowledge with a reply mail. You can subscribe with us any time in the future, we will be happy to serve you. 

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