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The Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro device is a portable storage drive that allows you to upload, edit, and stream your favorite photos or high-definition videos at any time and any place. Some key features of this portable drive are listed below:

  • Strong Wi-Fi performance
  • Easy-to-access 
  • Import media from any external device
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Adobe Creative Cloud connected
  • Wireless access to an external USB storage
  • Designed to work both with PC and Mac computers
  • Dual wireless band support

Continue reading this page to know how to perform the WD My Passport Wireless Pro setup for the first time.

Before beginning the setup process, turn on your WD My Passport drive. 

  • Begin with charging the drive. To do so, connect the drive to a power outlet using its adapter.
  • After charging the drive fully, press the Power button on the drive to turn it on. 
  • Wait for the Wi-Fi light to become stable.
  • Once it becomes idle, the drive is ready to use.

Setting up the WD My Passport Wireless Pro drive

You can use either your computer & a web browser or the WD My Cloud app on your smartphone/tablet to perform the setup.

Using a computer and a web browser

  • On your computer’s taskbar or access bar, click on the Network icon. 
  • From the list of networks, select the My Passport 2 or 5 GHz networks. 
  • Click Connect. If prompted, type the default password of the drive’s network. (You can find the default password on the Quick Install Guide or on the sticker on top of the drive).
  • After connecting your computer to the drive’s network, open a web browser on the computer.
  • Go to the My Passport page.
  • Click License Agreement and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your drive.

Using the WD My Cloud app

  • Install the WD My Cloud app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Enable the Wi-Fi option on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Connect your device to the drive’s network.
  • Launch the WD My Cloud app and set up the drive by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

To know more about the WD My Passport Wireless Pro setup, contact us. 

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