• Mobile Battery Draining

[Solution] Mobile Battery Drain Issue

  1.    The cause of the mobile battery drain can be for various reason.
  2.    In most cases, the Android phone face the battery drain issue due to Google and its applications.
  3.    By optimizing the settings of the phone, you can save the life of the battery.
  4.    Do not recharge your phone’s battery often as this may reduce the battery life.
  5.    Demanding new online games suck the charge of the battery increases the chances of battery problem.
  6.    Use the Lite or Go versions of the apps to save the energy consumption.
  7.    Turn off Vibrate option as drain the battery.

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Why is Android Battery Draining so Fast?

  1.    Your phone battery drain so fast because of the background applications.
  2.    It is recommended to set the phone to Automatic brightness.
  3.    The pop-up notification on the lock screen can be turned off thus minimizing the energy drain.

Which Apps Use the Most Battery?

There are a few features that wastes most of your mobile’s battery. Keep a count on certain things like “outdated apps”, poor signal strength and optimize energy consumption.

7 Tricks for Saving your phone’s battery life on Android

  1.    Go to the Settings and check the energy consumption by each app.
  2.    Turn off the pop-up notification option to save the battery.
  3.    Few of the features like LTE, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS drains your battery soon. If the features are not in use, it is advised to turn off them.
  4.    Turn on the Power Saving mode or use applications for power saving.
  5.    Check the apps running in the background and trim them to save some energy.
  6.    Using live wallpapers and widgets can cause mobile battery drain.
  7.    Turn down the device’s brightness and set automatic brightness.
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7 Tricks for Saving your phone’s battery life on iPhone

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  1.    The common reason for the battery drain in iPhone is temperature.
  2.    Using the battery in the cold weather will kill the battery.
  3.    The high brightness may drain the battery on a huge level.
  4.    Hence it is recommended to use Auto-brightness feature on your iPhone.
  5.    The poor network connection will have an impact on the energy level.
  6.    Apps that are poorly coded can have an effect on your battery problem.
  7.    Continuous Pop-up notification on lock screen may consume some energy.

Does WIFI Assist Drain Battery?

  1.    The Wi-Fi feature will consume a lot of energy.
  2.    If you are using mobile data, turn off the Wi-Fi feature.
  3.    Comparing to 3G or 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi consumes less energy.
  4.    During travelling the network has to switch the towers and results in Handover. The mobile battery drains fast in this case.
  5.    Disable the Wi-Fi if you are not connected with the network.
  6.    Enable the Airplane mode that helps you to save more energy.

Does Listening to Music Drain Battery

  1.    Listening to music will drain your battery.
  2.    By using the quality earbuds, you can lower the energy conservation.
  3.    If the equalizer is turned on, the sound effect will be good, but the battery usage will be high.
  4.    Use the MX player for playing video songs in your Android device.
  5.    Use the Power saving mode to optimize the battery draining.

How Can I tell which App is Draining Phone Battery?

Your Android phones may get heated up if the mobile battery drain is draining fast. The notification may pop up for cooling down your handset. To get the knowledge of which app is draining, go to Settings by tapping on the icon. Unser the Battery Usage, you will get the list of apps with the percentage of its battery usage so that you can identify your battery problem.

How Can I Tell Which App is Draining Android Battery?

  1.    Using the third-party application, you can prevent the battery from draining.
  2.    Force stop the application to bring the draining to a halt.
  3.    Go to Settings by tapping on its icon and then choose Apps from the list.
  4.    Chrome for Android is the most draining application on Android devices.
  5.    Choose Chrome from the list and tap on FORCE STOP, and this will halt the energy drain by Chrome app.

How Can I Tell Which App is Draining iPhone Battery?

  1.    Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2.    Tap on the Battery option from the list of apps.
  3.    Mobile battery drain Usage will populate, wait until then and tap on the option.
  4.    Select Show Detailed Usage button to get the complete details of the battery problem.
  5.    Tap on Last 7 Days and have a broader look at the power usage.

How to Check Mobile Battery Drain?

  1.    Tap on the Settings app and open the same.
  2.    Choose the Battery option to check its usage.
  3.    The app list will be available indicating the usage since the full charge.
  4.    Tap on the app, and this will show the details of the battery usage.
  5.    Optimize the apps so that it does not consume more energy. You can also use battery saving application available in the Play Store.

How to Charge a Fully Drained Mobile Battery?

  1.    Use an old newspaper and wrap your old battery. Seal it tight so that it does not get wet.
  2.    Place your battery in the freezer and remove it after three days.
  3.    Remove the newspaper and keep the battery in a dry place.
  4.    Make sure the sunlight does not hit the battery directly to avoid the chances of mobile battery drain.
  5.    Load the battery into your phone and charge the phone for 48 hours.
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