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What is a Computer System?

Computers have influenced the world ever since their discovery. The guide below is intended to introduce What is a Computer System and their applications. Equip yourself with computer knowledge. This illustrious and guided introduction to computer gives you a basic understanding of computers.

Generation of Computers

  1. First Generation: Vacuum Tubes
  2. Second Generation: Transistors
  3. Third Generation: Integrated Circuits
  4. Fourth Generation: Microprocessors
  5. Fifth Generation: Artificial Intelligence

Types of Computer System

Computers are classified according to their performance, power, and size as follows.

  1. Supercomputers – They execute several programs in a fraction of second at a very high pace. Their applications are required in high-end places like scientific research centers.
  2. Mainframe Computers – Support thousands of users at the same time. Hence, employed in bulk data processing, census, and consumer statistics.
  3. Minicomputers – Multiprocessing system with the ability to supporting 4 – 200 users. With time, they have diminished and fused with servers.
  4. Microcomputer – Also called Personal Computer. Handled by only one person at a time. Processing data is its primary operation.

How to Set Up your New Computer?

Quick Steps for First-Time Computer Setup

  1. Offload the computer and its accessories.
  2. Keep the CPU in a well-ventilated area close to the computer.
  3. Plug the monitor into a power outlet and the rear of the CPU.
  4. The keyboard and mouse connections with the monitor have to be made via USB cables.
  5. Match the color code on the plugs when inserting the speaker into the computer.
  6. Flip the switch on the CPU after connecting it into a power outlet.
  7. Press the Power button on the monitor and follow the setup instructions on the screen.
  8. Install a browser and download the necessary software.
  9. The computer is ready to use now.
What is a Computer System

How to Change your Browser Homepage?

Changing the home page is almost a similar process in all browsers. The processes for a few browsers have been described below.

How to Set Homepage on Edge Browser

  1. Double-click the Microsoft Edge icon on your desktop.
  2. Find the More icon (…) on the screen’s top right corner.
  3. Tap it and pick Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select A specific page under the Open Microsoft Edge with section.
  5. Key in the website address you want on the browser’s home page and tap the Save icon.

How to Set Homepage on Internet Explorer?

  1. Open the Internet Explorer browser on your computer.
  2. Find and click the Tools option ( Gear icon) in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Internet Options > General tab.
  4. Type the preferred website’s URL.
  5. Hit Apply > OK. Click the Home icon and see if the home page has been changed.

How to Set Homepage on Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Find the Menu (Ξ) button in the Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Head to Options > General Tab in the Home page section.
  3. Input the URL of the web page to be set on the Home page.
  4. Retract to the Home page and check if it has been set.

How to Set Homepage on Safari?

  1. Visit the Safari browser on your computer.
  2. Click the Safari option in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. After clicking the drop-down menu, pick Preferences.
  4. Head to Home page > General and input the web page URL.
  5. Tap the Home icon and you are directed to the changed home page.

How to Set Homepage on Opera Mini?

  1. Within the Opera browser, tap the Opera icon.
  2. A drop-down menu appears. Pick Settings from it.
  3. Choose Basic > On startup > Open a specific page or set of pages.
  4. Select Set pages and input the website’s URL.
  5. Highlight the site and tap OK.

How to Set Homepage on Netscape?

  1. Click the Radio button within the Options menu.
  2. Type the URL of the preferred website.
  3. Apply the changed settings.
  4. Tick the box against the Blank page if a blank home page is what you want.
  5. The set home web page appears on the home page every time you open a new window in the browser.

How to Set Homepage on Google Chrome?

  1. On opening the Chrome browser, you can see a vertical ellipsis.
  2. Tap this Menu button and pick Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Open a specific page or a set of pages option within the On startup section.
  4. Choose Set pages and type in the preferred web page’s address.
  5. Select the site and press OK.

How to make Google my Homepage?

  1. Click Settings > System > Default apps > Microsoft Edge.
  2. Pick the new browser (Google Chrome) from the list displayed.
  3. Find Chrome enlisted under the Web Browser section.

How to Connect a Peripheral Device to a Computer?

The computer is connected to many different peripheral devices.

  1. Input devices – Mouse & Keyboard
  2. Output devices – Monitor & printer
  3. Storage devices – Hard drive or pen drive

How to Do a Dual Monitor Setup?

Check if your laptop/desktop supports dual monitor setup. Almost all modern laptops and computers support this setup.

  1. Plug both ends of the video cable into the second monitor and the computer’s rear.
  2. Power up the second monitor by plugging it into an electrical socket.
  3. Turn on the second monitor and prepare it to receive the signal from your computer’s main monitor.
  4. Get into the Settings option on your Windows computer.
  5. Click System > Display > Multiple displays.
  6. Pick a Display option from the drop-down menu.
  7. Select Apply > Keep changes.

How to Use Remote Desktop Connection?

Remote Desktop Connection is a Microsoft service that allows a local computer to control a remote PC over a network. It requires the enabling of the Remote Desktop Service (RDS)

Find your PC’s IP address before you begin the process.

  1. Open the Command prompt, type cmd -> type ipconfig, and hit Enter.
  2. The IPv4 is the IP address of the computer.
  3. In case of a home network, search whtismyipaddress in your computer browser.

Accessing Remote Desktop Services

  1. Head to File explore > This PC. Right-click it.
  2. Now, move to System Properties > Remote tab > Allow remote connection to this computer.
  3. Uncheck the box against the option Only allow connection computer running remote desktop with Network level Authentication.
  4. On configuring all the settings, click Apply > OK.
  5. Click open Start > remote desktop > remote desktop connection.
  6. Key in the IP address of the computer and click Connect.
  7. Upon entering the required credentials, you will be able to connect to the other PC.

How to Do a System Backup?

  1. Select “Start > Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore”.
  2. “Choose” Set up backup and follow the instructions in the Wizard.
  3. Click “Backup now or schedule backup”.

What are the Common Problems of Computer?

Computer problems might arise due to software or hardware errors.

Common Hardware Problems:

  1. Computer is slow.
  2. Computer keeps restarting.
  3. Computer accessories might not work properly.
  4. App command not working.
  5. Corrupt files.
  6. Unusual noises and sudden shut off.

Common Software Problems:

  1. Pop up ads
  2. Attachments won’t open.
  3. Improper interpretation of peripheral commands.

In this page we provided detailed information about Computer Such as, What is a Computer System, Types of Computer, Generations of Computer, How to Set Up and Secure a New Computer.

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