What is WPS Pin On HP Printer?

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a method to connect devices to a wireless network without the network credentials. The recent printer models let you connect to the computer or router wirelessly with the condition that the network should be protected. Generally, there are two WPS connection methods: WPS Push button and WPS PIN. The encrypted WPS PIN can be located from the printer EWS page or the display panel or on the printer label. Most of the time, WPS PIN is an 8 digit number. Read below to find WPS Pin on your HP Printer.

WPS Pin on HP Printer

How To Find WPS Pin?

  • Check the printer and the router case for the WPS PIN.
  • If the PIN is not found, read the below steps to find it by other means.
  • On the printer’s control panel, select Settings and navigate to the Wireless network settings menu.
  • Choose Wi-Fi protected Setup from the given options. 
  • Follow the guided instruction for the wireless setup using WPS and then the WPS PIN will appear on the printer display.
  • Immediately, you have to enter the PIN on your router setup page because it might become invalid after some time.
  • Open the router’s web-based setup page on a browser.
  • Go to the Wireless Network page and find the Wi-Fi Protected Setup menu.
  • Input the PIN displayed on the printer in the box next to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup menu.
  • Once the wireless connection setup is made, proceed to print or perform any other printer operation.
  • The WPS Pin on your HP Printer can be found by printing the wireless network configuration report.
  • If you cannot connect the printer and the computer using WPS PIN, restart both the devices.

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