Where is the WPS Button On Canon MP495 Printer?

As you know, most of the printers are wireless printers and they can be connected to a wireless network using either the standard connection method or the WPS method. If you choose to connect your printer to your wireless network using WPS, then there too, you have two options to choose from. You can choose either the WPS Push Button method or the WPS PIN method. Read below to know the location of WPS button on Canon MP495 printer.

WPS button on Canon MP495 Printer

Now, if you have a Canon printer and want to connect it to a wireless network using WPS, then you should know the location of the WPS button on your printer. But, if you search for the WPS button on the printer’s panel, you won’t find it since there is no WPS button on the printer. Then, how do you initiate the WPS connection method or how do you connect your printer to Wi-Fi using WPS?

In the Canon MP495 printer, you have to make use of the Maintenance button on the control panel to enable WPS. You can find the Maintenance button on the printer’s control panel, just above the Black Start button.

Now, Let us see how to find WPS button on printer & how to connect your printer to Wi-Fi.

  • Initially turn on your printer and wireless router.
  • Confirm that your wireless router has a WPS button on its panel.
  • If the printer is turned on, you could see the LED display the maintenance code ‘1.’
  • Now, locate and press the Maintenance button on the printer. Hold it for about 5 seconds.
  • The maintenance displayed on the LED will change. Now, you have to press the Fit to Page button.
  • Now, the LED will start to flash in order. Immediately, move to your router and press the WPS button on it.
  • The blue Wi-Fi light on the printer will begin to flash when the printer searches for the network and once the connection is established, the Wi-Fi light will stay solid.
  • Similarly, when the connection is made, the LED will display ‘1’ as the maintenance code.
  • You can print the network settings sheet to confirm the wireless connection.

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