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Where Is The WPS Button On My Canon MG4250 Printer

WPS is the easiest method for connecting the Canon MG4250 printer to your wireless router. The step-by-step instructions to perform a wireless setup on the printer using the WPS Connection method are given on this page.

WPS Button On My Canon MG4250 Printer

Step 1

  • Press the Home button on the Canon MG4250 printer’s control panel.

Step 2

  • Select the WLAN Setup option using the up or down arrow button.
  • Now, press the left function button.
  • Wait until the Wi-Fi LED turns blue.
  • This indicates that the wireless connection is enabled on the printer.

Step 3

  • On the printer’s display panel, check if you see the ‘To start setup, press and hold the WPS button on the access point’ message.

Step 4

  • On your wireless router, hold the WPS button for about five seconds.

Step 5

  • Go back to the printer’s control panel and press the OK button.
  • Note: You have to press OK within 2 minutes of pressing WPS on the wireless router.

Step 6

  • The Wi-Fi LED starts to blink.
  • Once connected, you will see the ‘Connected to the access point’ message on the printer’s display panel.
  • Press OK to finish the wireless setup.
  • Note: If your wireless router does not support WPS, perform the Standard Connection method for the wireless setup. In this method, you have to choose the wireless network name and provide the network key correctly. These network details can be found at the rear side of the router’s label.

Step 7

  • Install the printer software using the installation CD.
  • Alternatively, download the Canon MG4250 printer’s driver from the official Canon website and install it on your computer by performing the on-screen prompts.

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