Why does App Keeps Crashing?

Steps for App Crashing

  1.    Mobile apps crashes occur for various reasons and here are a few of them.
  2.    Poor memory management as a result of spinning too many threads.
  3.    Soaking up too many resources and running multiple apps at the same time crashes other apps.
  4.    The developers follow Iterative process hence frequent releases has to be made.
  5.    Users have to constantly update the app, if not the app might crash.

App Keeps Crashing

How to Check App keep Crash Issue?

How to check for App Keeps Crashing? It is very simple, the app gets close by itself and does not launch. Check for the app update in the app store, update if necessary.

How to Check Crashing of Apps on Android Devices?

  1.    Go to the Google Play store app and check if you are logged into it.
  2.    Click on All application option.
  3.    Select the app that you feel is not working well on your device.
  4.    Select Android vitals and then choose ANRs & Crashes from the sub-menu.
  5.    Use the filters provided and get the cluster report on specific app crash on your Android device.

How to Check Crashing of Apps on iOS Devices?

  1.    Using the Crash log, you can check and troubleshoot the app crash on the iOS device.
  2.    With the help of Packet app installed in Mac device, you can check the crash logs of iPhone.
  3.    In the Dock, open the Finder and tap on Go to Folder option.
  4.    Type ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporteer/MobileDevice/ and choose your iPhone.
  5.    Analyze the app crashes report shown on the screen.

How to Prevent App keep Crash Error?

There are a few tips to prevent App Keeps Crashing. Constantly have an eye on network changes — the memory of the device and CPU usage. Periodically update the app to reduce the crashing issue.

How to Stop Crashing of Apps on iPhone Devices?

  1.    Quit the app and then re-launch the same.
  2.    Close all the apps, clear the cache and restart your iOS handset.
  3.    Go to the Apple store and check if there is an update available if found update the app.
  4.    If the update is not found, uninstall the app and then reinstall it back.
  5.    Update the iOS regularly to stop app crash.

How to Stop Crashing of Apps on Android Devices?

  1.    Go to Android Settings to prevent app crash.
  2.    Tap on the Apps or App Manager depending on your device.
  3.    Scroll the screen and identify the app that keeps crashing on your device.
  4.    Tap on the app and select Clear app cache option and then tap on Force Stop.
  5.    Get back to Home screen and launch the app again, this might have solved app crashing.

How to Avoid App Crashing?

The avoid App Keeps Crashing, always have enough memory space on your device. Clear the app cache time by time and keep your app up-to-date to prevent from crashing.

How to Avoid Crashes in Android App?

  1.    Use cleaner apps to monitor the performance of your Android.
  2.    Go to Play Store and check for the app update, if found update the same.
  3.    If you do not any update, restart your device once and launch the app again.
  4.    Go to App Manager and clear the app cache. Force Stop the app and relaunch it.
  5.    Check the Internet connection as the poor network may also crash the app.

How to Avoid Crashes in iOS App?

  1.    Perform a force reboot on your iOS device to stop app crashes.
  2.    Go to Apple Store and tap on the Updates tab and install the pending updates.
  3.    Remove the crashing app and then reinstall it after clearing the data.
  4.    Confirm if your device has sufficient storage space to launch an app if not, free up the memory to clear App keeps Crashing issue.
  5.    Install the latest iOS version in your device.

How to fix Android App Crashes when EditText is Empty

  1.    The issue usually occurs if parsing is not done.
  2.    The developer would not have defined for empty text fields.
  3.    The empty strings cannot be parsed the app crashes.
  4.    The input type should be defined in the input value does not match, parsing fails, and the app is likely to be crashed.
  5.    Go to the Play Store and send a bug report to the developer.
  6.    Uninstall the app from your device and clear all the data.
  7.    Re-install and launch it, check if the app is working fine.

Why App Freezes When Button is Clicked?

  •    Check if the app works fine on other phones without crashing.
  •    If the crash occurs again, report your concern to the developer on the app store.
  •    Due to improper testing, the app might have crashed.
  •    If the crashshing only on your device, then uninstall it from your phone.
  •    Clear all the app cache and then delete the app data from the device.
  •    Reboot your device once. Go to App Store and download it again.
  •    Install the app and launch it, check if App Keeps Crashing occurs.
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