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Why is Phone Overheating?

There is various reason that causes Why is Phone Overheating. When the phone is overused or when the features like Bluetooth, GPS are turned on for a long time, the phone gets overheated.

How to Check Phone Overheating?

  1.    As you feel the heat on your phone, analyze the process running on your phone.
  2.    Monitor the usage of the battery from the Settings of the phone.
  3.    Install the apps that help to keep in check of the phone status.
  4.    Android phones have inbuilt tools, run the app and learn about your phone.
  5.    Give your handset a security and privacy audit regularly.

Why is my Smartphone Overheating While Charging?

  1.    When you are using phone intensely, the apps will drain the battery.
  2.    Exposing the phone to the direct Sunlight will have a severe effect and sometimes lead to an explosion.
  3.    If the phone is affected by malware and virus, it will consume the energy.
  4.    You may use any brand Android phone, but it is important to use the original charger.
  5.    Cheap charges will damage and reduce the life of the battery.
  6.    Make sure to plug in your charger on lowest battery levels.
  7.    Overcharging may also lead to overheating of your Android.

How can I stop iPhone from Overheating?

  1.    The Following are the main reason Why is Phone Overheating.
  2.    When the processor is heavily loaded, it gets heated up.
  3.    Graphics-intensive games increase heat, and you will get a temperature-warning screen.
  4.    Direct exposure of your iPhone to sunlight. When the battery in iPhone is failing, it causes overheating.
  5.    The phone’s exterior acts as a cooling interface, if the phone case covers it, it may increase the heat.

How can I stop Android from Overheating?

  1.    There are various reason for Why is Phone overheating.
  2.    If the brightness of the phone is high, your battery is likely to drain.
  3.    If you are playing games that require internet, it heats up the phone.
  4.    When Wi-Fi is connected for a long time without using can heat up your phone. Bluetooth and GPS features are on for long.
  5.    The Junk files should be removed ofter to avoid further overheats.

Why is Phone Overheating and Draining Battery?

  1.    The reason for the overheat and battery drain should be battery, processor, or screen.
  2.    These components generate heat and chemicals are produced.
  3.    If the rear of the phone is getting hot, it is because of the battery, and it needs attention.
  4.    If the bottom of the phone is hot, then it may be because of the charger.
  5.    If you are streaming live content for a prolonged period, your phone will generate more heat.
  6.    Using of live wallpapers and intense graphics themes may have an effect on battery drain.
  7.    External factors are also responsible for overheat and battery drain.

why is Phone Overheating when I Facetime?

  1.    Facetime uses phone’s camera, speaker and other features too.
  2.    If you are using it intensely for a prolonged period, your iPhone is likely to overheat.
  3.    Use the phone without exposing it to the temperature more than 72F.
  4.    Do not make FaceTime calls while charging.
  5.    Close all the background apps as this might drain the battery.

Why is Phone Overheating when I’m not using it?

  1.    Check if any background applications are running in your phone.
  2.    If Bluetooth is on and devices are not connected to it, it will also drain the battery.
  3.    After using the map, you have to turn off the GPS feature, to avoid overheat.
  1.    If there is constant popup notification, the frequent wake up of the screen will affect.
  2.    If you are not using your phone, make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi features.

How to Fix Phone Overheating Problem?

  1.    Reduce the brightness of the phone and have it minimal.
  2.    Avoid from direct exposure to sunlight and avoid sudden changes to temperature.
  3.    Close all the background apps and other unused apps from the cache.
  4.    To save the battery level, put your phone in the Airplane mode.
  5.    Take off your mobile case to cool down your phone quickly as the case may trap the heat.

How can I keep Phone Cool in Hot Car?

  1.    Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi roaming feature.
  2.    Place your phone near vent mount with air conditioning on.
  3.    If you want to use Map for some time, then download the offline map.
  4.    Don’t work intensely on your phone and clear the cache regularly.
  5.    Cover your phone, place it inside the car and don’t expose it to direct sunlight.

How to Prevent Mobile Devices from Overheating

There are several ways to fix the overheating issue of your devices. You can turn on temperature alert feature to get a notification on the increase in phone’s temperature.

How can I Cool Down my Android Device?

  1.    Stop overusing your phone and also avoid continuous usage.
  2.    Avoid gaming too much, use phones that are designed for gaming.
  3.    Use genuine battery and charger to prevent overheating.
  4.    Keep your Android free from Virus and Malware as this may affect the life of your Android.
  5.    Use apps that help to monitor your Android and indicates which app consumes much energy.

How can I Cool Down my iOS Device?

  1.    Identify the apps that are rarely used and uninstall them.
  2.    Monitor the battery usage by different apps and optimize it.
  3.    If you have put your phone for charging, leave it undisturbed until full charge is done.
  4.    Turn off the features like Hotspot, Bluetooth, when they are not used.
  5.    Update the outdated apps and reset all the manual settings to factory default.

How to Stop Phone Overheating while Playing Games?

The following step-by-step guidelines will help you for Why is Phone Overheating while playing game.

  1.    Games that need Internet certainly drain your battery.
  2.    Comparatively, use uninterrupted Wi-Fi instead of mobile data while playing.
  3.    Analyze the capacity of your phone before you install graphically intense games.
  4.    When your phone is overheated, then give some rest time and do not play continuously.
  5.    Stop gaming when your phone heats up and do not play when your phone is on charging.
How to Stop Phone Overheating while Playing Games
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