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When you compare two streaming services like Youtube TV vs Hulu live, it will tend to get complicated from the very beginning. Picking the right one will allow you to stream Live TV even without having to worry about what is left behind.

Youtube TV vs Hulu live

When it comes to purchasing, the overall decision is more complicated than you think. Since both YouTube TV and Hulu offer amazing services along with other options, the significance of streaming has grown a lot more.

Now, let us see how both YouTube TV and Hulu fare. YouTube TV plan costs up to $50 per month and they are generally working alongside their rival Sling TV. They even have a tagline that says, “we are working to build new flexible models for YouTube TV users.” When it comes to Hulu, you will see a $5 rise compared to YouTube TV, but with an additional 60 channels. Hulu is considered to be the best pick by most of the users and the starting price also isn’t the highest.

The one major difference that is evident is the channels. When you compare the total channel count, YouTube TV stays right on top with a count of 76 channels compared to 60 channels on Hulu. Both Youtube TV vs Hulu live share the major top channels that include Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, FOX network, ESPN, USA Network, etc., but they have some differences.

Both the devices offer sports networks and the channels are devoted to showing some regular games. In most of the areas in the country, not many channels are available compared to the local cable and satellite provider.

YouTube TV has the biggest advantage when it comes to national sports networks with NFL and NBA TV available under the basic package.

When you bring in the user interface for comparison between YouTube TV and the Hulu Live, YouTube TV takes over Hulu.

  • YouTube TV: In general, the YouTube TV interface is much simpler to use and almost the same as using regular YouTube.
  • Hulu Plus Live TV: Hulu recently made a new launch along with a brand new interface, which makes it in line with its competitors. The brand new look is much brighter and it will be easier to get the content you want to watch.

YouTube TV has a cloud-based DVR service that gives out unlimited storage. This is a perk no competitor can ever touch. YouTube TV also offers some On-Demand content, though it is not for all the shows. YouTube TV has made some advancements with the DVR that will allow you to skip through ads. On the other hand, Hulu Live TV offers an additional 50 hours of Cloud DVR service, where you will get close to 200 hours.

When you want to make a final call between Youtube TV vs Hulu live, it comes down to the selection of channels and usability. Furthermore, YouTube is considered a better fit compared to Hulu. However, Hulu can also be a good pick if you consider channel selection with an on-demand library.

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